What We Do

If pressed to admit our “super power," client feedback suggests it is our ability to design and manage transformative events. Over the years, automätik has successfully applied this approach in over 150 unique new vehicle launches, consumer marketing, and sales/service training initiatives for over 100,000 participants.

Project after project, clients tell us that their experience with automätik is unmatched in the areas of participant engagement, variety, technological innovation, and guest service. This is a direct manifestation of automätik President Dave Sweet’s unrelenting eye for detail and his automätik imperatives – a painstakingly curated and heavily guarded list of event standards every automätik project
must satisfy in order to make the grade.

Chief among these imperatives: automätik doesn’t do training…it does events. The difference transcends semantics; people typically dislike training. They often view it as a necessary evil. On the flip side, people love events. Events engage. Events inspire. Events transform. People leave events with lifetime memories. This is what we’re after.

Regardless of the purpose – a new vehicle launch, a customer-experience training initiative, or a consumer marketing tour – automätik strategically blends visuals, music, technology, learning touchpoints, and personal services to create an event experience that engages participants and, by extension, achieves the client’s core objectives.

Event Design & Management