What We Do

Our executive team is comprised of a staff of extremely accomplished Facilitators. As a result, our respect of, admiration for, and ability to groom facilitation talent has made automätik a highly-sought after partner for many of the nation's top facilitators. This has allowed automätik to cultivate an extensive network of facilitation talent to suit a wide range of professional development and consumer event needs. Additionally, our facilitation expertise has led to a transformative service offering of its own: MeetingMastery.



The ultimate facilitation workshop

As Dave Sweet, President and co-founder of automätik, proudly notes, "If I die tomorrow, I will be ‘OK’ in knowing that this is one
of my legacies." A workshop 24 years in the making, the MeetingMastery workshop distills the principles of participant engagement
that transformed automätik from a kitchen table startup into an award-winning Tier One event management and training supplier to
the automotive OEM industry.

Over the course of this two-day immersion, participants experientially discover how to create and conduct highly effective
meetings, presentations, and training/facilitation events. Regardless of industry or role, attendee praise for MeetingMastery
has been overwhelming.

To see how MeetingMastery may help your organization, please visit MeetingMastery.us