In a single word, that’s the mission, vision, and value that gets us out of bed in the morning: To defy expectations. To be matchless. While this is an admirable goal, it takes a team of talented, dedicated, industry-seasoned experts to pull it off.

In this section, we invite you to take a deeper dive into automätik’s history, our core philosophies, and our talented staff to understand how we consistently deliver inimitable results for our clients.

automätik is a cutting-edge automotive experiential events and training organization established in 1990.  Within these arenas, we’ve expanded our capabilities to include a wide variety of related services, including: event design & management, instructional design, facilitator management, vehicle testing, audio/video production, website creation, and app development. It’s been a wild ride…and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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What We Do

When automätik "takes on" a project, we start with no preconceived notions. We act as an objective observer. We take the time to ask a variety questions. We listen intently. We seek to understand what the real issues are. Along the way, we'll utilize a variety of research tools to gather intelligence.


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From our beginnings in 1990, automätik and its network of contract service providers have been engaged in a broad spectrum of automotive OEM consulting projects. Regardless of the circumstance, we bring an objective perspective often needed to move an organization toward positive change and improvement. See what we've been up to lately.

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automätik instructional designers thrive on creating learning experiences that accomplish serious business objectives in fun, unique, and interactive ways. As we’re told time and time again, “Our stuff is never boring.”
While we like to hear that, our unconventional approach is all about
getting results.

Instructional Design

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If pressed to admit our “superpower," client feedback suggests our ability
to design and manage transformative events. Over the years, automätik
has successfully applied this approach in over 150 unique new vehicle
launches, consumer marketing, and sales/service training initiatives for
over 100,000 participants.

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Event Design & Management

The in-house automätik design team stands ready to inject Madison Avenue-levels of visual sophistication into your next project. Whether it's adherence to the strictest of corporate identity standards or a clean sheet branding strategy, our designers possess the skills and vision to help
your company stand out.

Graphic Design

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The award-winning automätik Design & Interactive team delivers a complete portfolio of digital and interactive design solutions ranging from iOS/Android app development, Adobe Digital Publishing Suite (DPS) consulting, mobile classroom/event design, enterprise eBook development, event/convention apps, Augmented Reality (AR+) development, web-based training, and consumer-based responsive web design.

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Digital / Interactive Design

As a Tier One supplier partner, automätik’s Logistics Team ensures the seamless execution of our client’s projects. The demands placed on the Logistics team are not for the faint of heart; accordingly we take care to
hire detail-obsessed, semi-neurotic, and downright finicky professionals who sweat the details (yet with a smile).


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Take one step into automätik’s Tempe, AZ warehouse and you’ll know we mean business. Over the years, we’ve assembled an armada of nearly everything necessary to pull off a seriously-cool, cutting-edge event.

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Event Production

Our executive team is comprised of a staff of extremely accomplished Facilitators. As a result, our respect of, admiration for, and ability to groom facilitation talent has made automätik a highly-sought after partner for many of the nation's top facilitators.

Facilitation & Coaching

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